exanimatio said: everything on here is so accurate! i just want to reblog every post

glad you like it! go right ahead :)!

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themaraudersboys-deactivated201 said: i am kurdish and i can say all everything on your blog is accurate.

Thank you much appreciated. xo

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How is Ramadan going for everybody?
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roseannemahdii said: Hey! My name is rojin, and im like in love with your blog! Im kurdish too and i can relate to this! Im from the UK and live in Newcastle, and all i wanna say is this is 1OO% true, and i love it! Keep going!

thank you much appreciated, we will be updating as soon as possible :)

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catwoman17 said: i really love ur blog, do u live in kurdistan? if yes, in which city?

I do not but I visit often. My family all lives in the Massif

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Submit your own ideas!! Click here!!
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yvesaintx said: AT LAST I HAVE FINALLY FOUND AN AMAZING BLOG! Keep up the good work! I love your blog! <3

Thank you :)

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